The AIM Organisation

Established in 2012 as a Commonwealth-UK business network, the AIM organisation (AIM) has since 2016 developed into an entrepreneur-led global business promotion network. We are passionate about growth and mid-sized business and innovation working tirelessly to help companies to enter new markets, increase export, attract investment, build partnerships and grow cross-border transactions. Joining AIM means becoming part of the largest independent business network for the promotion of export and business growth while attracting foreign direct investment to ambitious companies.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create an optimal operating environment so that our member firms can optimise in-bound and out-bound opportunities, develop critical expertise, enter new markets, build partnerships, attract investment and ultimately grow their companies.


Our mission is articulated around five main action points:


  • To act as medium for our members by interacting and influencing key policy makers globally in order to minimise barriers to business and trade

  • Support our members in attracting in-bound investment and out-bound opportunities

  • Provide our members access to best in class business tools and support to actively contribute to their business growth objectives

  • Bring a wealth of knowledge and vital business intelligence to our members through specialist expertise

  • Facilitate key business relationships around the world that deliver tangible business results to our members


Moreover by recognising the important role of SMEs to the economy as a whole, our mission is to protect, promote and facilitate the growth of innovative, emerging and mid-sized companies around the world. In addition our role often involves galvanising our members to fulfil a commitment to corporate social responsibility in the countries they commence trade with particularly directed to emerging and frontier markets. Consequently the mutually beneficial business partnerships formed often result in improved standards of living and will hopefully play a role in helping to reduce poverty and ultimately global conflict.

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