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Joining AIM means becoming part of the largest entrepreneur-led independent business network for the promotion of export and business growth while empowering in particular European companies in attracting investment vital for growth. Our mission is to create an optimal operating environment so that our member firms can optimise in-bound and out-bound opportunities, develop critical expertise, enter new markets, build partnerships, attract investment and ultimately grow their companies.  


With that in mind our events are purposely designed to reflect those key objectives to exclusively focus on delivering tangible results to our member firms. Most of which are complimentary for members and aligned to our three key programmes designed especially to advance the objectives of our members to achieve growth and success.


GETinvested Events

GETinvested events are like no other and designed to prepare, support and give ambitious innovative and mid-size company directors direct access to leading capital providers worldwide. The primary purpose of these events is not networking which is always nice in its own merits but to engage capital providers, to understand the key criteria for investment, get involved in tailored and high-level workshops led by an expert to prepare your firm for investment, get inspired by likeminded ambitious directors who have already secured valuable investment to elevate their business to the next stage, exchange ideas with other owners and investors of capital, meet with government and quasi-government organisations to assess  types of grants, finance schemes and other support available for your business and best of all; a ready-made platform for our enrolled members to promote their business and attract investors interested in European businesses.


To add as an entrepreneur-led organisation we understand the challenges for SMEs in accessing suitable finance and our aim as an organisation is to support and simplify the process of finding the right sources of funding that will help our members innovate and grow.


Some of the funding options at our events;


  • Equity finance (Seed investment, Angel investment & Venture capital, growth equity)

  • Trade & cash flow finance (Letter of credit, Bank guarantees, performance bonds, invoice and purchase order finance)

  • Debt finance (Business loans)

  • Grant funding (Government & Private)

  • Tax schemes (R&D Tax Credits and capital allowances to reduce tax liabilities)

  • Crowdfunding

Key event activities...

Key activities we focus on to empower our members include:


  • 1-2-1 access for owners, innovators directly with capital providers;

  • Prepare members for their fund-raising process through specialist workshops and seminars;

  • Create awareness of available financial solutions like; grants;

  • Learn from  experts to prepare you to attract the right investment;

  • High-calibre investor pitch training workshops;

  • Meet likeminded entrepreneurs and share best ideas;

  • Acquire critical intelligence and information on investment criteria;

  • Meet carefully selected experts to support you with structuring alternative financial solutions;

  • Engage a global investor audience actively seeking to invest in European businesses;

  • Access specialist expertise to maximise opportunities for your business;

  • Obtain critical feedback from experts to develop your business proposal;

  • Be empowered to secure the right terms for your company by taking part in specialist workshops;

  • Be inspired by likeminded directors who have won investment;

  • Access specialist expertise post-investment to implement a winning strategy and deliver success.


Want to know more, well you will simply have to come and see it for yourself.

exportREADY Events

The world is more connected than ever which means greater opportunity for all businesses. Exporting is no longer the privilege of the well capitalised or colossal companies. In fact it is essential for innovative and mid-sized companies today to engage and take part in a global marketplace to survive.  You just need the confidence to take the first step and make the most of this ever expanding global marketplace.


That said we understand it can be daunting for SMEs to know where to start. Therefore our exportREADY programme is designed to support members to access a global marketplace with confidence to identify and enter new markets, win contracts abroad, increase export, build strategic partnerships, grow cross-border transactions, create, increase and/or originate demand abroad and as a direct consequence minimise risk and increase profitability.


In short these events are designed to empower you to work out where in the world your product, service and brand can take off. We do this through a range of unique platforms including; trade fairs, outward specific trade meetings, access to bespoke market intelligence on latest business opportunities, meet experts to support you to grow your business in international markets, gain knowledge about overseas regulations and governmental incentives and connect with the right partners to maximise opportunities all under one roof. 


Not convinced about exporting! OK, here are some key facts to consider;


  • 51% of SMEs have experienced a rise in profit as a direct result of exporting

  • Average sales growth for SMEs that export in first two years 30% - 280% pa

  • 11% of SMEs are more likely to survive within the first year of doing business overseas

  • The EU ships goods in excess of €3000bn across the globe each year.

  • 87% of SMEs report exporting significantly improved their profile and credibility.

  • 78% of SMEs indicate exporting has fostered innovation and provided exposure to new ideas that have enhanced the quality of their products/ services. 

Key event activities...

Key activities we focus on to empower our members include:


  • Specialist workshops for companies new to exporting;

  • Emerging market awareness classes and workshops;

  • Master classes on how to identify the market/s for your business/product;

  • Sector specific Trade Shows;

  • Sector specific and/or emerging markets;

  • Protect your intellectual property assets in another country;

  • Meet experts on international regulations to support you against any risks to your business;

  • Engage in meetings with government representatives such IPAs to learn about incentives;

  • Access International Buyers/Partners/Distributors;

  • Workshops on how to export your products or services to new markets;

  • Carefully selected experts to you offer personalised services to win business abroad;

  • International partnerships; i.e. expertise, contacts at our events to connect you with the right international partners to grow your business.

  • Expert advice for growth and expansion into international markets.


Want to know more, well you will simply have to come and see it for yourself.

AIMmore Events

Our AIMMORE events offer a broad, cross-industry portfolio of solutions to meet specific industry or functional requirements to empower enrolled members to develop, sustain and grow their business.


These events exclusively attract founders, owners, C-Level executives aspiring to improve business performance in key areas including sales, marketing, finance, legal, IT, HR, strategy and leadership in order to build a more robust and profitable business that can not only withstand external pressures but thrive even in difficult conditions. In addition these events look to inspire members with innovative business ideas and solutions to make your business more agile, improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, recruit, develop and retain more efficient and effective sales people in order to drive performance across your business and boost revenues.  


These events offer a plethora of experts on diverse fields offering business critical tools and technology to empower you to navigate an ever more complex marketplace to gain a competitive edge. Key focus areas vital for business growth include:


SALES: Build a Better Sales structure to drive sales and develop a solid and predictable revenue growth. In addition building a strong sales strategy means increased productivity and growth.

STRATEGY: Having a robust, tangible, aligned and well-designed strategy means minimising risk, controlling costs, increasing operational output while delivering tangible results to secure future growth.

FINANCE: Financial consulting is not just basic accounting. Whether you are planning an exit, transition, a merger or an acquisition, perhaps even to expand your business; get the right tools and support to be successful.

ICT: Innovation is a key driver in business success and this begins with examining your current ICT structure. Learn and acquire the necessary solutions to create opportunities and increase efficiency.

LEGAL: Having the right legal team as you grow and your needs change is essential. Access legal expertise ranging from patent services, litigation, M&A advisory to HR and international.    

HR: Do you have the right people in the right seats? How do you know? What if they don’t perform? How do you replace them? These are some of the questions answered through specialist expertise.

Key event activities...

Key activities we focus on to empower our members include:


  • Develop a sustainable performance management strategy;

  • Learn to design your organisation to meet the challenges and opportunities through diffident business lifecycles;

  • improve sales, marketing, results to achieve a defined growth objective;

  • Reposition your firm's go-to-market strategy;

  • Seek new industry segments to serve;

  • Launch new products or services to diversify the business;

  • Pursue a corporate rebranding programme;

  • Strategic planning for an exit or merger or acquisition of a new business;

  • Start a new innovative venture;

  • Navigate complex regulations and risks to your business;

  • Prevent legal risks and protect your business;

  • Plan your transition at the right time in your business lifecycle;

  • Improve your company`s strategic direction and prepare for growth;

  • Take on complex changes and secure business continuity;

  • Create an inspiring working culture that promotes and fits your strategic plans;

  • Develop the right ICT structures that compliment and excel your business objectives;

  • Build the right IPR strategy to stop anybody from copying your work.


Want to know more, well you will simply have to come and see it for yourself.

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