AIM Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Declaration

I endorse the mission of the AIM organisation is to create an optimal operating environment so that member firms can optimise inbound and outbound opportunities, develop critical expertise, enter new markets, build partnerships, attract investment and ultimately supporting the growth of EU companies worldwide. Accordingly, I hereby apply for membership and agree to be bound by its membership terms and conditions as may be replaced or amended from time to time. 


The AIM organisation is legally obliged to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) which governs the protection of data and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. The organisation holds a ‘Register of Members’ and also holds data provided by you as part of the networking and business building activities. 


As an AIM member, I agree to AIM to hold and process the information I have provided in the Membership Application Form. This is for the purposes of:

  • holding a ‘Register of Members’ as required by the AIM’s membership terms and conditions; 

  • disclosing my business details for networking and business building purposes, where I have opted to make them available;  and

  • to enable AIM to keep me informed of forthcoming AIM events, publications, business opportunities and other membership activities.


As an AIM member, I agree not to misuse member information including:

  • utilising the member`s information for bulk unsolicited communication to other AIM members;

  • allowing any third parties access to the member information; or

  • passing information contained in the member information to any third parties without written approval.


Membership to AIM is open to any EU based firms authorised to undertake business in the EU and looking to export to non-EU markets, secure inbound opportunities, enter new markets, attract investment or other business methods or processes to expand and grow their business inside and outside the EU. It is essential for new applicants to understand AIM is strictly focused on tangible deliverables to a likeminded group of companies intending to promote, expand and grow European innovation and businesses worldwide. Please note all membership applications are subject to the review and approval of the AIM Council. 


AIM Members are expected to:


  • Participate in periodic surveys and/or statistics designed to inform members, to promote, lobby and influence key policy makers globally in order to minimise barriers to business and trade for EU, EFTA and EEA companies;

  • Pay fees on time to maintain membership and support organisation activities;

  • Attend one of the three key AIM annual events dependent on your particular objectives;

  • Keep your business information for the organisation up-to-date;

  • Contribute as much as possible to discussions, best practice sharing with other AIM members at any member activities you participate in; 

  • Contribute to discussion panels or speaker sessions during AIM events if requested and agreed;

  • Contribute to online publications or marketing events promoting European innovation and EU, EFTA and EEA based businesses if requested and agreed.  


Membership fees:
For most members, fees are based on business size i.e. annual turnover, market share, and the number of employees. In regards to full members these fall into three primary categories; 


Early-stage Companies - These firms are generally under £2M in annual revenue are focused on establishing a foothold in the market, have unique and innovative products and/or services, often technology-driven with potential for a global customer base and are 0-3 years old.
Growth Companies - These firms are generally £2M to £20M in annual revenue and are focused on building and maintaining market share but simultaneously looking for new methods to increase market share, develop their processes and structures, secure investment to grow, introduce additional new products and/or services.   
Middle-Market Companies - These firms are generally £20M to £100M+ in annual revenue and are focused on maintaining their existing market share, but assertively looking to expand their operations; into new segments, new markets, new customers while preparing for future transitions (mergers, acquisitions, owner exit, leadership transitions, joint ventures with larger companies, IPO etc.). 


Decision Criteria


  • In assessing new member applications, the council will consider the following criteria:

  • Whether the applicant has a clear management aim and/or objective to export their products/services, secure inbound opportunities, enter new markets, attract new investment and/or desire to learn or implement recognised business methods or processes in order to expand their company; 

  • Whether the applicant is an innovative EU, EFTA and EEA based company with market disruptive product/services;

  • Whether the applicant is an EU, EFTA and EEA based company authorised to undertake business in respective jurisdiction/s;

  • Whether the applicant is willing to abide by AIM membership terms and conditions, pay the membership fees in a timely manner and participates in a reasonable amount of AIM member`s activities;

  • Whether the applicant is willing to contribute to the general work and objectives of AIM.


Please contact AIM membership team on ( to discuss the current membership package. And for further details click on membership types and benefits.